How many times do you use the internet in a day?

How Different Would Your Life Be Without the Internet?

Many children are without access to basic technology

Without access to technology, these children are at a serious disadvantage

Access to the internet means access to free education, resources, and information that every adult and child has the right to consume.

Access to the Internet is a Basic Human Right 
Here’s a thought,

What were the last 10 things you searched on Google?

Imagine life without information at your fingertips. How would you solve those dinner party debates? How would you solve those “tip of your tongue” moments? How would you know what’s happening in this world?

You’d be at a serious disadvantage.

Now, consider the children who are without basic technology - no computers, phones, etc. 

Imagine what their life would be like with access to the plethora of information that the internet holds

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” - Nelson Mandela

With the right guidance and access to the internet, those children could start to learn.

They could learn to code, design, invest, animate - the possibilities are infinite.

Empowering and educating a child not only lifts them up, but it lifts society up.

At Create Purpose, we help guide those kids towards greatness. 
The only thing that we’re missing is the technology needed to make it happen.

There’s 1,000 Orphans In Our Organization…
And Only 100 Computers To Share

100 Computers are not enough for 1,000 children...

Those 100 computers are the only thing connecting these orphans to the outside world. It’s the only thing giving them access to their families, the news, and the opportunities that lay outside the orphanage. 

Most importantly, those 100 computers are the only thing giving these 1,000 orphans access to information that could change their lives.

Create Purpose has a team of experts who are dedicated to the growth and development of these children and we need your help to make it happen! 

With a small donation, you have the opportunity to give someone the basic human right of knowledge. 

Can we count on you to help? 

Meet “Create Purpose”
A Nonprofit That Creates Opportunities for Orphan Children

Create Purpose began in 2014 in order to change the way we donate to orphan children.
In the past, when we think about orphans we tend to think about charity for children. 
You remember that commercial that came out in the late 90s with Sarah McLachlan’s “In the Arms of an Angel” playing in the background and a sad, dirty kid with a dried tear running down his face? They asked us to give $1 day to buy food, clothes and other stuff for them and of course we did.

There wasn't one person who saw that commercial and was not moved.

The problem is, here we are, more than 20 years later, and we have not moved the needle forward at all for these children.

We’re still envisioning sad, dirty faces and we’re still giving $1 a day for food and clothes and other handouts.

At Create Purpose we think much differently.

We know that these children will leave the orphanage at 18 and be forced to live a life on their own...a life where nobody is giving them $1 a day to survive.

These children need to learn to make a life for themselves and not depend on handouts from good intentioned people.

We’ve developed Programs for orphan children to ensure that they have some basic life skills to survive in the real world.

For us, it’s more than food, clothes and handouts.

For us, it’s about creating opportunities for orphan children to excel in life and be productive citizens in the world.

We’ve created Programs that help with their Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Confidence.

Like our online coding classes for kids.

The children learn from a team of experts who come from the communities where the orphan’s live.

We don’t come in as foreigners trying to save the world.

We come in as community members trying to improve the communities where we live.

See the difference?

Meet Fernando

The difference between a hand-out and a hand-up is drastic.
Fernando is a good example.

You see, Fernando is a typical orphan. Like most others, he suffered extreme trauma when he was a child. That trauma carried over into his behavior and his academics.

His teachers always discounted him as a problem child.

He got bad grades in school and got into fights almost daily.

No teacher wanted to have Fernando in their class so they would pass him on from grade to grade - causing him to fall further and further behind as he grew up.

Create Purpose arrived to his orphanage when he was 10-years old - and we were ready to work with children 6 years old to 18 with our Technology Program. Our Basics Program teaches children foundational skills like typing, spreadsheet and the basics of programming. We also have an Advanced Class where the children learn to code.

For 2 hours a week children create digital masterpieces that they show off to the directors of the home...the children absolutely love our class!

But Fernando didn’t.

He never came to class.

We found, through a heartbreaking conversation, that he didn’t want this class to be just another disappointment.


Can you imagine not wanting to learn because of past failures?

While children would laugh and Create in class, he would just take a peek at what was going on in the classroom and walk on by.

We never pushed but we continued to invite him everyday in hopes that one day he would join us.

It took 6 months for him to finally be curious enough to come into the room and open up a laptop.

And when he did something special happened.

Fernando took to technology like a fish in water.

He picked up technology concepts like Logic and Sequencing really quickly.

For the first time in his life, he was excited to learn.

And with Create Purpose Programs specifically designed for children with learning and behavior disabilities (which many orphan children suffer from), he quickly rose to the top of the class.

Three years after Fernando first stepped into our classroom, he is one of the brightest students in our Technology Program.

He has since graduated to our Advanced Class where children design programs and spreadsheets that assist the orphanage with their day-to-day activities.

The orphanage director at the home had always hoped that they could teach Fernando a skill someday where he could make it on his own. 

Not anymore!

Now they KNOW that he will thrive in life with 21st Century technology skills that can get him an excellent job anywhere.


The Next Child In Line For a PC is Sandra

There are so many Fernandos and Fernandas living in orphanages.

There are so many children who get passed on from grade to grade, suffering from extreme trauma and nobody to turn to. Teachers and orphanage staff lack the special training to deal with orphan's special needs.

And only the really lucky orphanages have computers - usually, there’s only a handful of them that dozens of children have to fight for to use.

At one facility that houses orphan children, there are over 300 children in a space that fits 75. Children literally climb over other children in the middle of the night to use the restroom.

They wake up in the morning. They eat. They go to class on-site to receive an inadequate education. After school they watch tv. They eat dinner. They go to sleep. And they do it all over again the following day.

Welcome to a normal day in the life of an orphan child.

It’s a system that leaves children far behind their peers.

It’s a system that kicks children out at 18 years old when they are “no longer children” with no life skills, nobody to turn to and no hope for a bright future.

The vast majority of these orphan adults end up in the same cycle from which their parents came - on the streets, in jail, on drugs, prostitution, pregnant at an early age or a sad combination of all of these.

Help us break that cycle!

We are in conversations with many other orphanages to expand our Technology Program.

At one of those homes lives 8-year-old Sandra.

She was removed from her home and placed into the orphanage at 2 years old after years of sexual abuse by her father. She doesn’t remember any of it but the physical and emotional scars of that abuse are still felt daily.

She has extreme trauma and is significantly behind academically, psychologically, physiologically, can’t begin to imagine her pain.

Our team at Create Purpose is looking forward to going in and helping Sandra and the 34 other orphans who live there.

We’ve already started our Nutrition Program at her orphanage where we work with orphanage staff to help them better prepare healthy and nutritious meals - it’s a program we designed after seeing malnourished children in practically every orphanage that we visited.

Imagine having to feed 3 meals a day to 40+ children with very limited resources. It’s not easy and normally buying healthy food isn’t an option.

On several occasions we’ve seen cereal, oatmeal or beans served 3 times a day for weeks at a time.

We help orphanage staff and cooks prepare meals that are high in nutrients that work with the budget they have.

We help orphanages put the children that they serve in a better position to properly develop as human beings.

Now that our Nutrition Program is underway at Sandra’s orphanage, it’s time to add our Technology Program.

And we want to put a laptop in Sandra’s hands and give her the Opportunity to excel.


The Average PC Lasts 10 Years
One laptop will give her the tools she needs to catch up to the rest of her classmates at school where she is significantly behind.

But the goal is actually much bigger than that...

The goal is to get her caught up to the rest of the children and then far surpass their technology abilities.

That’s our goal with every child who we work with - not only for them to have the same Opportunities as children growing up in a “normal” household but to give them the skills to Create even more Opportunities than what’s “normal.”

We know that not every orphan we work with will go on to be coders or set the world on fire. But we also know that our Create Purpose local experts will identify those special children who will.

And no matter if a child learns to code or not, our classes are sure to stimulate the learning process in children that will help them in other areas in life.
A Computer Donated Can Take a Child Out Of Poverty
Did you hear about the computer that was placed in one of the worst slums in India?

In the late 90s a local teacher wanted to Create an experiment to see what would happen if he setup a computer in a New Delhi slum with no instructions and no teacher.

The children who lived there barely went to school. They didn’t know any English. They had never seen a computer before. And they had no idea what the internet was.

Sugata Mitra, the education scientist, embedded a computer in a wall 3 feet off the ground, setup high speed internet, turned it on and left it there.

He repeated this experiment in several slums all across India and the results were overwhelming.

After only hours of the computer being setup, children were making their own music, teaching other children how to browse and joyously learning together.

As the experiment progressed children were doing incredible things.

They were teaching themselves English.

They were learning biotechnology on their own.

They went from wanting to become soccer players to wanting to be the next Leonardo Da Vinci.

And much much more...

“If children have interest, then education happens.” - Arthur C. Clarke
Hi! I’m Nicholas, Founder & CEO of Create Purpose.
By Donating a PC You’re Giving Sandra Access To Equal Learning and Job Opportunities As Any Other Child In a "Normal" Household.

“Be a Part of the Change You Want to See in the World.”

Join our mission and completely improve how society serves orphan children.

As we get further and further into the Technological Revolution you can help put orphans at the forefront of the movement.

Imagine being a part of a system that prepares orphan children for Opportunities that allows them to excel after they leave the orphanage.

Sure. Giving food, clothes and toys are good donations to orphanages. But they already receive those by the truckload.

Have you ever looked inside an orphanage storage closet?

I have.

And let me tell you, it’s packed to the brim with second hand clothes and plastic toys and STUFF that will make very little impact on the child's future and development.

You know what gift can have a HUGE impact?


For $1,000 you can ensure that Sandra, Fernando and all of the children who we work with will get a computer that will set them up for Opportunities far beyond the walls of the orphanage where they live.

That $1,000 comes with all the fixins too!

It comes with teachers who will guide the children on their learning journey.

It comes with a curriculum designed with local technology experts with the special needs of the children that we serve specifically in mind.

It comes with regular evaluations so that we can know how the children are doing and the effectiveness of our programs.

It comes with teacher training to ensure that our educational programs are consistently up to date and current with best practices.

It comes with our Nutrition Program for the orphanage to ensure that not only are we nourishing their minds but that we also can help nourish their bodies.

And since Create Purpose is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, it also comes with a tax-deductible receipt at the end of the year.

Don’t have $1,000? No problem. Start a fundraiser and receive the same benefits for the children that we’ve listed above. 

You’ll also receive some really cool bonuses we think you’ll enjoy that we’ll tell you about in a little.

When you donate $1,000 OR...

1) you start a Facebook fundraiser 2) share it publicly everyday for one week 3) tag at least 10 friends each post...

Then we’ll give you immediate access to our Members Area.

It doesn’t matter how much money you raise, we’re just grateful you believe in these children like we do!

Just Share your fundraiser link in our Facebook Messages to register.

It Takes 3 Weeks For Us To Purchase and Send off a Computer From The Moment You Donate…and Then You’ll Be Connected To The Orphanage Where Your PC Was Donated.

Once you donate a computer, we’ll start to connect you to the orphanage where your computer finds a home.

You’ll receive an email with tracking information shortly after making your donation that shows you where your computer is and what orphanage it’s going to.

We’ll send you regular updates until the moment your computer arrives at the orphanage.

But that’s just the beginning.

Though we can’t connect you with a specific child due to privacy and safety concerns, we CAN connect you with the entire Technology Class at the orphanage.

And by being connected to the class you’ll see all the work that the class creates.

You’ll have access to ALL the children’s work in the Tech Class and see their advances on an ongoing basis.

It’s like you’re watching them obtain tech skills right in front of your eyes!


How cool is that?!

1,000 Orphans Are Sharing 100 Computers,
Will You Change One Child’s Future, Today?

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